Clear, sharp writing?

I’ve been asked just what is clear, engaging, sharp writing.

So instead of going through a  dissertation that explains, defines, theorises (and probably bores), I’m simply going to give you a (very) few examples from documents I’ve edited or read.

Research has been done that shows…                   Research shows…

Training of personnel must be done…                    Personnel must be trained…

There are numerous books that deal with…          Numerous books deal with…

There are two consequent actions that occur when…         Two things will happen when…

Companies and the products they produce…                Companies and their products…

When they first started their business…                               When they started their business…

Many clients are under the assumption that…         Many clients assume that…

We will confirm the details with regard to agenda.           We will confirm the agenda details.

And to finish off with a chuckle (those misplaced or dangling phrases!)

There was a discussion yesterday on the worrying of sheep by dogs in the Minister’s room.

I have discussed the question of stocking the proposed poultry plant with my colleagues.

Born two weeks ago, zookeepers feared Shuffles would not survive after such a traumatic delivery.

Not sure why I made those changes?

Leave a question in the Comments or email me if you want the inside information

or any other help with your non-fiction writing.

Do you have examples of  less-than-sharp writing to share?

sharp writing




8 thoughts on “Clear, sharp writing?

    1. Thanks for finding and following my thoughts about writing, Mary Ann.

      While my focus is on non-fiction, I’m sure you’ll find tips that will help you with your prose and poetry.

      I love your unconventional style – a bit like the ‘baroque’ direction my writing is taking.

      Happy writing.

      1. Thanks so much. I also have a myspace blog where I am posting my story entitled, Attack of the Red Killer Pencils. I’ve written ninety-three posts of this story to date. The previous story is entitled, SOUL A and SOUL B. Though it is fiction, it is heavily based on a true story. I am the character, Em. My plan is to get my stories down as first drafts while they are fresh and overflowing–then I will edit them. I am also planning to study screenwriting online–hopefully this year. Lovely to meet you here on wordpress. I shall return to read more blogs. Best regards, Mary Ann.

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