Sharpening your writing

Perfect Pages gives you the confidence that your business and nonfiction writing is clear, engaging and sharp.

So just how do I sharpen your writing?

 Let me tell you about some of my clients,
the types of documents I’ve helped them with,
and the skills I’ve used.

        engineering consultancies                            archaeologist
research and development for the bauxite / alumina industry

              training organisations                  science communicators
taxi company                       cafe                          landscapers

      natural therapist                  exercise physiologist
Pilates studio                       not-for-profit organisation
business strategists                                 intranet designers
financial advisor          furniture maker          graphic designer


technical reports                        training manuals                   marketing materials            
            submissions to professional publications and conferences
quality management manual                   web content                  assignments                     
                                competitor analysis                    incident management plan
           business books                             annual reports                    business proposals
                      company profile                 health education materials  


   research                        write                                 collate                              
                rewrite for clarity                 reduce wordiness
review how the text sits on the page             review graphical elements  

         review for consistency of format, spelling of specialised terms, abbreviations
review for logical flow and readability
request any missing information                      

                     review spelling, grammar, punctuation and construction
set up organisation style guides
train (business writing strategy, technical writing, use of style guide)


 Contact me to ask how I can help you sharpen your writing.

You will be confident that your nonfiction writing is  clear, engaging and sharp.

Desolie Page, Accredited Editor
Perfect Pages
sharpening your writing

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