Words …

Welcome to my Wordy-Nerdy blog.

I love words…reading, word puzzles, new words, and even venturing into writing.

But I also love helping writers use words  to convey their message clearly and succinctly, to engage their readers from the very first word.

While most of my time is spent editing and proofreading, the teacher in me won’t remain dormant. Hence the workshops, articles and blogs … they’re all about helping you sharpen your writing. One of my greatest joys comes when I see the improvement in the writing of my regular clients. They’re learning from my editing. Now, for me, that’s really special.

So I hope you’ll find something helpful in what I have to say, and I’d love to receive your comments, questions or requests for help with a specific aspect of your writing.

Visit my website for other tips and articles that will help you sharpen your writing.

I give you the confidence that your nonfiction writing is clear, engaging and sharp.

Desolie Page, Accredited Editor
Desolie Page
your writing sharpener

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