What Readers Want

It seems to me that everyone in business is being told to write… write articles, blogs, ebooks… anything and everything.

Yes, it’s a great way to raise your profile and increase awareness of your product or service.
BUT you want your writing to attract customers, not send them away.

Here’s my first comment about what readers want:

Your readers’ first impression of your writing is visual. They won’t be too inclined to read if all they see is big chunks of text.

    • So break up your text.

Consider using headings, consistent paragraph spacinglists, bullet points, indents

 These all create lots of white space that will encourage your reader to feel this will be easy to read,
rather than putting it into the ‘do later’ basket.

Take a wander through my blogs – you’ll find more tips to help you write with your readers as your top priority.

What have been your experiences with documents that have been too hard to read?

Contact me for help to sharpen your writing, and to have the confidence your writing is clear, engaging and sharp.

Brisbane editor and proofreader, Desolie Page, Accredited Editor
Perfect Pages: supporting nonfiction writers



12 thoughts on “What Readers Want

  1. Great blog post Desolie and as a writer and PR consultant who advises clients on writing to build their profile, I found this very relevant. Articles with easy-to-digest chunks of interesting information are far more likely to have the right impact.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    1. Thanks Johanna. I really appreciate feedback from my readers, especially from someone who understands the writing process. I’ll be posting the next part soon.

    1. Thanks, Lylette, for sharing my blog. I’ll have more to say on the topic … understanding what will help readers is just as important as the content.
      Enjoy your blog-a-day challenge.

  2. Hi Desolie,

    your tips ring so true! I myself get overwhelmed by too much text. I love breaking it up with colour, bold, italics, bullet points, just something to ensure the reader gets variety.

    Well done!

  3. Thanks for the tip Desolie. I agree completely – when I’m confronted by large tracts of text, I immediately wonder whether I’ll be able to take it all in…..and whether the author will get to the point!

    Looking forward to more of your tips.

    Olwen 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Olwen. Learning how to look at our writing through the eyes of our readers is one of the most difficult things we need to do. All writers become emotionally attached to their work … that’s why writers need editors … to take an objective look.
      Happy writing.

  4. Hi Desolie
    I came here via the discussion on the women in business linked in group. When I joined the group I didnt have a blog either but now I do!
    I’ll be checking your blog for tips regularly. My blog is not commercial in anyway at this point, but I have found somehting I am passionate to blog about and have discovered its not a chore! So I am just going to keep writing and see where it takes me.
    Looking forward to networking with you on WIB.

    1. Thanks for that Charley. I enjoy helping people with their writing – that’s the teacher in me, I guess.

      If you go to my website (perfectpages.net.au), you can subscribe to my updates there, as well as have a look at some of the resources I have available.

      In the meantime, happy writing, and look forward to our ventures on WIB.

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