Tautology Time


Every once in a while, I have something to say about tautologies – saying the same thing twice, superfluous words, double-speak.

So I thought I’d start a list here, and I’d love you to add to it.

In no particular order (as I’ve heard said many times) – And yes, I have heard or read all of these.

free gift                 extra bonus              proven track record                  return back
unite together

attempt to try          new innovations             reduce down             proceed forward
true fact

I myself was the only one there.

simultaneously at the same time                 a choice of options                      predict the future

expand out                    initially at the beginning                      a round circle
past history

We are planning our future growth. (Ummm, it’s hard to plan past growth.)

I’ll add to this – both your suggestions and ones that I find – and let you know.

Happy tautology hunting!

So here we are, three weeks later with a bit of an update.

How about these synonyms for tautology:
pleonasm                           superfluity                        redundance                      circumlocution
roundabout phrases                    periphrasis                        ambages                                equivocalness                           padding
filler                           digression                       irrelevance

And what about these double-speakers:
HIV virus                   ATM machine                  PIN number

Not quite sure how to categorise this one!
Ears pierced while you wait.


13 thoughts on “Tautology Time

    1. Hey Annie
      Lovely to have you drop by.
      Do I notice a bit of irony there?
      Wish I could grace that comment with a snark – a punctuation mark shaped like a reversed question mark to indicate irony.

    1. Hi Wendy

      Thanks for dropping by. I don’t think I’ve seen it ‘published’, but it’s certainly around as a sign.

      I wonder if they have a depository for the ears of those who want to go off and do something else while their ears are being pierced.

      1. I was using ‘publish’ in the sense of making publicly known, so I guess a sign fits that sense. I wonder if customers when they return have difficulty recognising their ears among all the various pairs waiting for collection?

      2. They certainly wouldn’t look the same, would they?!
        Would hate to come away with an unmatched pair.
        And I hope all ears been cleaned before being left.
        Hope there’s not the equivalent of the sock thief lurking around.

        (Who says editors are pedants with big red pens and no sense of humour!)

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