Grammar Gripe: you and me or you and I?

Brisbane editor and proofreader, Desolie Page, Accredited Editor

Do I use you and I or you and me?

Here’s a simple explanation.

Use ‘I’ when ‘I’ is instigating an action              I will go…    I write…

and ‘me’ when something is done to ‘me’         Send it to me.     Tell me about…

Most people get it right in that simple form, but have difficulty when ‘I ‘ or ‘me’ has a companion.

Jess and I will go…      Sami and I write…

Not too many problems there, but so many seem to get into trouble with ‘me’.

Send it to Millie and me…     Tell Mikey and me about…

To check you’ve got it right

take away the name of the other person.

If you’ve written    Tell Josh and I…     taking away   Josh and    leaves  Tell I…
or Hannah and me are going…     taking away     Hannah and       leaves      me are going…

which you would never write.

Helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

Perfect Pages sharpening your writing
Perfect Pages
sharpening your writing


4 thoughts on “Grammar Gripe: you and me or you and I?

    1. Hi Catherine

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      So many people get this one wrong – many don’t recognise that it is wrong – so I tried to express ‘the rule’ in the simplest, most practical way I could think of.

      Happy photographing and writing

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