Is “Alright” Ever Alright? – Guest Post by Kathy Steinemann…

Useful insights primarily for fiction writers, although we nonfiction writers and editors will learn something too.
Enjoy … and share your comments.

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According to, alright was attested in print by 1884.

Writers argue about its use. Some insist it’s appropriate, while others stand on the no-nada-nix-never soapbox.

Who is correct? This post will try to clear the confusion.

What do the experts say?

I searched several sources and found the following results.

No, alright is unacceptable.

Painless Grammar, by Rebecca Elliott, PhD

The Chicago Manual of Style

AP Stylebook

Lapsing into a Comma, by Bill Walsh

All right is the only form listed.

The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale

Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr.

Alright is informal or nonstandard and less acceptable than all right.

My hunt through several Ray Bradbury e-books found no instances of alright.

After more research…

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