Baroque: from Portugese barroco, a rough, imperfect pearl.

It’s all fallen into place – the music, architecture, literature, art that I’ve always been drawn to.

Handel              Bach             Vivaldi
Sir Christopher Wren
John Donne             John Milton                Moliere
Caravaggio              Bernine

The Baroque Era (1660 to 1750) was the age of opulence, the ornate, intricate and grandiose.
To a large extent, it was a time of moving away from the conventional, predictable, structured past.

So why my excitement,
and why did I set out to find a baroque that would become my signature piece of jewellery?

                          I’ve always been ‘good’    –          well behaved            conscientious                reliable
doing well at school, sport, music               (but not at all good at taking risks!)
being a leader         (even though I often quaked in my boots!)
conventional,           predictable.

But now it’s time for my Baroque Era:

time to do things differently
to be less predictable and conventional
to experience new things

no longer ‘perfect’,
but embracing my uniqueness
letting you see my imperfections and quirks
enjoying the intricate and opulent

        being the beautiful, baroque me!

                       And yes, I’ve found my baroque pearl – it’s beautiful in its imperfection.

And just to add a twist of irony, the modern usage of Baroque includes

‘complexity, the use of obscure language that conceals or confuses the meaning’.

So as an editor, I’ll continue to do my utmost not to be baroque when I edit your documents.

Do you have a signature object that symbolises you?


10 thoughts on “Baroque

  1. Desolie this is a beautifully written piece, my question (I always have questions) is: by having a ‘signature object that symbolises you,’ is that not the same as asking people what labels they put on themselves and more importantly, what labels other people try to put on people?

    Another thought, how can one have only 1 signature object when as humans we are constantly growing, evolving, changing, not to mention the many ‘hats’ we wear every day, i.e. daughter, mother, wife, lover, artist, eccentric, hermit? These are just some of the labels I wear… thought provoking piece.


    1. Thank you Dragonfly, for your comments.

      And for your questions. You’re right about labels and hats and growth – in fact I remember being quite upset (many years ago) when friends and family continued to relate to me as they always had and not recognising how much I’d changed.

      Discovering Baroque makes sense of so many aspects of my journey to becoming the person I now am. I know I will continue to change, wear hats, be labelled – but I will always rejoice in being perfect in my imperfections.

      Let’s continue to grow in our individual ways.


  2. Desolie,

    I agree with Robin and Catherine … this is a truly beautiful post. *sigh*

    My signature piece … mmm, it used to be scarves … then for a while it was a couple of pieces of jewellery. I wonder if right now my sigature object is my iPad … not for the technology itself … but for the vehicle it provides me. It is my 2B pencil 😉

    Stunning, stunning post Desolie.


    1. Thank you, Cat. I’m happy that it struck a chord for you.

      It’s interesting how we symbolise the changes, growth, development that are happening in our lives.

      Now to glamorise your iPad …


  3. Hi Desolie, I love this post. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in months. It’s clever, fresh, warm and engaging – and effortless. Thank you.

    I’m still pondering your question. For me, it’s probably a 2B pencil and a blank piece of paper. With those two things I can create the universe and beyond. 😉


    Robin 🙂

    1. Thank you, Robin.

      That is indeed high praise – I’m humbled.

      I’m really just beginning to discover a new creativity. For years, I’ve said that I can’t write – happy as larry to be editing, but writing … However, that’s changing. And I appreciate the support from my ever-widening group of ‘virtual’ buddies.

      Looking forward to your next sketch


  4. Your voice is very Baroque, layered with meaning, and as smooth as black satin sheets.

    The unconventional formatting really underscores the tones in your voice.

    1. Thank you Catherine.

      Glad you like the formatting – to me it represents the unexpected and unconventional elements of Baroque.

      For me, that’s quite a scary step, but recognises that I’m allowing myself to explore and express those parts of my life that have been carefully tucked away.

      I see how you are doing similar things, so I’ll continue to follow your progress and be inspired.


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