Setting my teeth on edge!

Literally having my teeth set on edge was much more painful than I suspected the metaphor implies. So it was time for me to explore the origins of some everyday sayings. I'm anticipating a new richness to my writing as I think about them - do you want to go on that adventure too?

Editors turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

Why use an editor when you write? So many business writers think that having a colleague review their writing before publishing is all that's needed. But a professional, experienced editor will give you more than a review of spelling, grammar and punctuation. In this article, I'll show you some of the benefits that come when an editor helps you - turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Meeting writers

Brisbane editor and proofreader, Desolie Page, Accredited Editor

After managing the fear of talking to a group of writers recently, I was surprised and delighted with the questions that these talented people asked. And no, they weren't about my topic 'Know the rules so you can break the rules': they were about the editing process, and the use of Australian spelling and punctuation.

More of What Readers Want

There's nothing worse than losing your reader. You risk losing their business, or perhaps they won't fully understand your message. Learn some basic things you can do that will help your readers enjoy your writing, understand your message and take the action you want them to.