Enewsletters – right for you?

So you’re considering writing an enewsletter for your clients.


‘Because everyone else is.’

‘Because they say I should.’

Not good enough!

But if you say

‘I want to keep in touch with my clients, to remind them that I’m still around, and to let them know about my ‘specials’ or events.’

‘I want to share some tips or articles that could be useful.’

‘I want to share information from others that I’ve found useful.’

I’d say – you have a good understanding of what you can achieve with a newsletter.

Getting started

You could send out a group or individualised email, but there are some excellent platforms available. They are versatile, can look very professional, and can be free (if you keep below a certain number of emails per month).

Check out the platforms used by those to whom you subscribe. Some elements you might want to check out include:

What features are provided?

  •  How easy is it to use?
  • Can you readily upload photos and insert links?
  •  Can you customise it with your logo?
  •  How easy is it to manage subscribers?
  • Does it provide useful statistics?

How often will you send your newsletter – irregularly, weekly, monthly, quarterly?

Will you have enough content for that schedule?

So what will it cost?

If you choose a free platform, obviously there won’t be any charges. Be sure to investigate charges of other platforms.

You’ll need time to set up your template and subscribers list.

You’ll need time to prepare, write and monitor each newsletter, or pay to outsource some activities.

How will you measure the success of your newsletter?

Some of the things you could measure include the number of:

  •  new subscribes
  •  unsubscribes
  •  clicks of links to your website or to others you mention
  •  enquiries or sales
  •  forwards

An enewsletter can help you achieve your objectives, but make sure:

  • you do it for the ‘right’ reasons
  • you consider the financial and time costs
  • know how you’ll decide whether or not to continue.

What successes or failures do you know about?
What tips about enewsletters can you share?

Please contact me (perfectpages.net.au) when you’d like help with your enewsletters.